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seo tactics all about link building

SEO Tactics – All About Link Building
One of the most important factors of search engine optimization is the ability to create backlinks to your website. Search engines look favorably on websites with many backlinks. Consequently the more links to and from your site, the higher the page rank.

Links or hyperlinks guide the user from one page to another. Link building is the process of increasing the number of places on the internet that link back to your page. These include:

* Newsletters
* Blogs
* Forums
* Article directories
* Advertisements
* Other websites
* Social bookmarking sites

The key is to have your website link in many different places thus increasing visibility. This does not mean spread your link around carelessly. Search engines look at both where the link is going as well as from where the link is originating. Linking your site to and from other sites in the same niche is beneficial and appealing to the search engines. Also, this is an excellent method for targeting traffic.

There are four primary types of links including:

1. Internal
2. Organic
3. Incoming
4. Outbound

Internal links are found on your website that link to other pages. The most effective way to present these links is with some type of clickable text. For instance, “This is my article about link building” where the words “link building” would transport the user to a written article about link building.

Organic links are those that show up in the search results of a search engine and a user clicked the link to enter your page. Generally the more content, higher quality and more links you have on your site, the higher in the major search engines you will rank thus increasing traffic. If you’re selling a product, this is a great way to make sales.

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