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how to install ssl certificate on apache based server or whm cpanel

cPanel/WHM How to Install SSL Certificate on Apache Based Server or on WHM/cPanel Server
In this tutorial we will show you how to Install SSL certificate

1. Login to your cPanel/WHM control panel

2. Find and click on SSL/TLS Manager

3. Click on Generate a SSL Certificate & Signing Request on WHM

4. Setup bellow details:-

Email:      admin@yourdomain.com
Password:      your password
Verify Password:  your password    
Host to make cert for:     yourdomain.com or secure.yourdomain.com
City:      your city name
State:     your state name
Country: your country name ( It must be 2 letter for example Indian will be written as IN )
(2 letter abbreviation)     
Company Name:     Your Company Name
Company Division:     Support
Key Size:     2084 Bit
Contact Info (Optional)
Email Address the Cert will be sent to: admin@yourdomain.com

Now click on Generate or Create certificate remember an email will be sent to the above mail id with .csr , .crt (Certificate) and .key( Intermidiate Key )

5. Next you need to login your ssl certficate provider and then you need to provide then .csr details so that they can provide you you .crt details

6. Next you need to Open Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain in WHM and you need to enter your .crt details that is provided by your SSL certificate provider. and then click on Fetch an details can be shows as follows:

[Image: ssl-cpanel-install-2.png]

7. After Clicking on Fetch it will connect to your SSL certificate provider to get the .key and CA Bundle details and now click on Submit

8. Now you have been successfully install SSL certificate and you need to restart your Apache Server from WHM that is HTTP Server (Apache) under Restart services tab or run the bellow command to restart apache
service httpd restart

Open a web browser and visit your site using https. It is best to test with both Internet Explorer as well as Firefox, because Firefox will give you a warning if your intermediate certificate is not installed. You should not receive any browser warnings or errors.

Manual Intermediate Certificate Installation

If the Intermediate certificate was not correctly installed using the above instructions you may need to install it directly in Apache. If you do not have access to the Apache configuration files you will need to have your web host or administrator follow these instructions to install the Intermediate certificate:

1. Locate the Virtual Host File:
On most Apache servers the Virtual Sites are configured in the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file. However, the location and name of this file can vary from server to server -- Especially if you use a special interface to manage your server configuration. Another common name for the file is 'SSL.conf'. If you open the file with a text editor, you will see the configurations for the virtual hosts that are housed on the server. The virtual host configurations are probably found near the end of the file.

2. Identify the secure Virtual Host for your site:
Locate the Virtual host configuration for the site you are securing. It will have the proper name and IP address (including port 443).

3. Configure the Virtual Host For SSL:
cPanel has already setup the first three SSL configuration lines for you. Now you will edit your Virtual Host configuration by adding the 'SSLCertificateChainFile' line below (this line is bolded).

DocumentRoot /var/www/html2
ServerName http://www.yourdomain.com
SSLEngine on
SSLCertificateFile /path/to/your_domain_name.crt
SSLCertificateKeyFile /path/to/your_private.key
SSLCertificateChainFile /path/to/DigiCertCA.crt

Of course, the path and names of your certificate files may be different. When typing the path for your SSLCACertificateFile, type the path and filename you plan to use when saving your intermediate certificate. It is generally advised to save your intermediate certificate in the same directory that cPanel already saved your primary certificate to.

4. Save the changes to your configuration file.

5. Save the Intermediate Certificate file to the Server:
Verify that the Intermediate Certificate file (DigiCertCA.crt) is saved to the path you configured above.

6. Restart Apache by running command as
service httpd restart

The tutorial based on the tutorial provided at

Source1: SSL Certificate Installation in Apache cPanel

Source2: Apache SSL Certificate Installation

Sorce3: EV SSL Certificate Installation :: Apache

Source4: Install your Certificates on Apache (OpenSSL)

Source5: Our Own Experience as well above tutorial is modified version ( a bit ) for user friendly purpose.

Dinesh Mohanty

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