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Adding Nameservers on VPS (LxAdmin)
Adding Nameservers on VPS (LxAdmin)
This tutorial will help you in adding a Name Sever for your VPS by using LxAdmin/Kloxo
Tested & Verified by Plutost.com

* Login to your LxAdmin/Kloxo

* Goto 'IPAdresses' under 'Resources' Tab

[Image: http://www.ultratechhost.com/tutorial/1.png]

Check for the IPs assigned to your machine.

[Image: http://www.ultratechhost.com/tutorial/2.png]

Now, goto 'DNS Template' under 'Resources' Tab

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Adding secondary IPs to Cpanel
1. To access the IP Functions Menu, click on IP Functions, on the main screen of your WHM interface.

2. Click on Add a New IP Address.

3. Enter the IP address in the IP(s) to add field.

4. Alter the subnet mask default values for this IP address in the Subnet Mask field, if required.

5. Click on Do it.

When adding IPs through an SSH console:

1. Edit the file /etc/ips

#vi /etc/ips

2. Add your new IPs to the end of the file like so:


(Using the 25