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How to find a file or folder in linux with locate
First of all it is better you update your locate db . to do this run this command :


It may take several minutes.

Now to find your file just run :

locate [file or folder name]

To install locate in linux you can use yum command if you have it installed.

to install locate with yum run this command as root :

yum install slocate -y

you also can install it with apt-get (ubutnu) and …

sudo apt-get install slocate
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cPanel/WHM shows the error "Invalid license file", why ?
cPanel will show you an invalid license file error if you change your hostname to something that does not resolve to your server's IP address. You should change back the hostname to the original one or use a domain that resolve to your server's IP address by following these instructions:

[code]1. Connect to your server with SSH using the root user
2. Type in the following:hostname server.domain.com
3. Then type: /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt in order to reactivate your cPanel/WHM license.
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How to set up 301 redirect page in Linux from .htaccess file
1. Login into cPanel.
2. Click on Filemanager icon.
3. Open public_html folder.
4. Edit the file .htaccess and write the code to redirect the page (e.g. Redirect 301 /old.php http://www.yourdomain.com/folder/new.php)
5. Click on save button.
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Search Marketing Bootcamp: Robots.txt File
Robots.txt files are often mentioned as being an important foundation of a search friendly web site. To site owners and small businesses who are new to search marketing, the robots.txt file can sound daunting. In reality, it's one of the fastest, simplest ways to make your site just a little more search engine friendly.

(SEG Bootcamp articles are no-frills content designed to bring small business owners up to speed on the concepts and techniques needed to market their businesses online.)