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How to install NginxcP as reverse proxy on cPanel server
If you wish to install nginx as reverse proxy in a cPanel server then, follow this steps:

1. SSH to server as root.
2. Change the directory to “/usr/local/src”

cd /usr/local/src

Download the latest nginxadmin package & Install

cd /usr/local/src
wget http://nginxcp.com/latest/nginxadmin.tar
tar xf nginxadmin.tar

If you want to change header information then follow these steps:

[code]cd /usr/local/src/publicnginx/nginx-x.x.x/src/http
vi ngx_htt
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How to enable Varnish in cPanel server
Varnish is a caching technology. Varnish is a web accelerator and also referred as HTTP accelerator or reverse HTTP proxy, which will significantly enhance the performance of your website. Varnish cache is really fast thereby, speed up the delivery depending on your architecture.

Varnish enhance your website’s performance. Varnish stores a copy of the page which is served by the web server the first time a user visits the website. Next time, when the user requests for the same page, varnish w
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How to Install Linux KVM and Create Guest VM
KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine. As the name suggests, this is kernel based virtualization technology for Linux OS on hardware that supports virtualization.The guest operating systems can be fully virtualized or para virtualized.

Para-virtualization enables several operating systems to run on one set of hardware by effectively using resources such as processors and memory. In Para virtualization, the operating system is modified to work with a virtual machine, which will minimize