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How to set maximum email sending limit for a domain from WHM – Linux server
In order to set maximum email sending limit for a particular domain one need to perform below mentioned steps:

1) Login into WHM of Linux server.
2) Click on Tweak Settings.
3) Go to “The maximum each domain can send out per hour” option and set the limit in text box upon requirement.
4) Click on Save to complete the process.

Note: To set unlimited email one need to provide value as 0.
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HowTo: Tweak php for maximum execution time for scripts
Php by default places resource limits on all php scripts using 3 directives:

* max_execution_time : Maximum execution time of each script, in seconds (default 30 sec)
* max_input_time : Maximum amount of time each script may spend parsing request data (60 )
* memory_limit : Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (default 8MB)

A php script might timed out because of resource limits. All you need to do is setup a new resource limits so that script will get executed.