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How to: Access to CPANEL at university
To access to cpanel at universities and other public places those blocked ports except 80 you have not bother yourself. Accessing to cpanel over port 80 is one of the default cpanel features so you can access to it on each cpanel server.

To access to cpanel over port 80 use “cpanel” like a subdomain of your website. yes just it! you don’t need to use scripts like cpanel proxy or other …

For example if your domain is “mydomain.com” you can access to cpanel by reaching “cpanel.mydomain.com”
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How to download Raw Access Logs of the domain: cPanel
One can download Raw Access Logs of the domain from their cPanel – Control Panel via below mentioned steps:

1) Login into the cPanel
2) Click on Raw Log Manager.
3) Click on File which on need to download.

Generally, Raw Logs are saved on daily basis. One can download the logs upon the required dates.
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How do I permit specific users SSH access
We will be primarily working with one configuration file in this article:

* OpenSSH - /etc/ssh/sshd_config


For locking down which users may or may not access the server you will want to look into one, or more, of the following directives:

User/Group Based Access


This keyword can be followed by a list of group name patterns, separated by spaces.If specified, login is allowed only for users whose primary group or supplementary group list matches one of the pat
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FreeBSD Jail Allow Sound And Flash Access
The devfs provides an interface to manipulate properties of devfs for jail. It can be controlled using /etc/rc.conf file only. First shutdown your desktop running inside the jail. You also need to stop jail service

/etc/rc.d/jail stop

Edit /etc/rc.conf as follows:

vi /etc/rc.conf

Append the following config directives:


Note: replace xfcedesktop with your actual jail name. Save and cl