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How to transfer Accounts From One Server To Another ( CPANEL)
I have used in the past for easily migrating cPanel accounts from one server to another. Using this method, you can transfer accounts from an old server, to a new one, help customers from another host move to your host, etc. This method is very simple, and does not even require root access on one end of the migration. I have found the "Transfer Account from another Server" tool in WHM to not work so well, and break often, so I have used this method.
-cPanel on both servers
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cPanel Icon Missing From WHM List Accounts
Please follow these steps;

1. Log into WHM

2. Select “Tweak Settings”

3. Uncheck the box next to “Disable login with root or reseller password into the users’ cPanel interface. Also disable switch account dropdown in themes with switch account feature”

4. Click save

After hitting save, you can go back to the list account section and the cPanel icon will be back.