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cPHulk Brute Force Protection
cPHulk Brute Force Protection prevents malicious attempts at accessing your server’s services by guessing the login password for that service.

1. To access the cPHulk Brute Force Protection feature, click on Security, on the main screen of your WebHost Manager interface.
2. Then click on Security Center.
3. Then click on cPHulk Brute Force Protection.
4. Click on the Enable button to enable cPHulk Brute Force Protection or click on the Disable button to disable cPHulk Brute Force Pr
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How to Configure APF Firewall, DDOS and Brute Force Protection
This How-To will explain the installation and configuration of Advanced Policy Firewall for your Linux system. In addition, a sample conf.apf file will be provided for each control panel, CPanel and Plesk; however, the first task at hand is Installation.

What is APF (Advanced Policy Firewall)?
Advanced Policy Firewall (APF) is an iptables(netfilter) based firewall system designed around the essential needs of today’s Linux servers. The configuration is designed to be very informative and eas