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Important tips to create a strong password
Following are some tips to create a good password that you can remember and most importantly no one can guess it easily

1] One of the most popular technique is to use some special dates and combine it with your password.

2] You can generate a password by converting characters to numbers, special characters as well

Some important points while generating/using a password -

1] Password must be at least 14 characters or long with complexity.
2] Add numbers to increase its length.
3] St
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Setup/Create your own/private nameservers in cPanel
This guide will show you the ropes in how to setup cpanel nameservers and configure them properly so you can run ns1 and ns2.yoursite.com. Once your nameservers are setup clients can then use your own private nameservers for their domains.

1. Regiser your domain

Register the domain name you would like to use, you can register a domain here if you need one.This domain will be used as your nameservers - eg ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com

2. A
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How to Install Linux KVM and Create Guest VM
KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine. As the name suggests, this is kernel based virtualization technology for Linux OS on hardware that supports virtualization.The guest operating systems can be fully virtualized or para virtualized.

Para-virtualization enables several operating systems to run on one set of hardware by effectively using resources such as processors and memory. In Para virtualization, the operating system is modified to work with a virtual machine, which will minimize