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How to install Mod_Evasive on Directadmin Server
Well, I figured I would post this for any DirectAdmin ( DA ) users out there that would like to use the power of mod_evasive. The install is fairly close to a cPanel install, with a couple of little twists. This is geared towards a server running Apache2, if you are running Apache1, let me know if this worked for you!

Now, we are going to install mod_evasive to help protect our DirectAdmin server from low end ddos attacks. The installation is really quite simple.So, what is this mod_evasive
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How to install DirectAdmin

1. Install Fresh OS
2. Login as root through SSH and run the command yum update for updating yum

As DirectAdmin need custom dependency installation so use bellow commands to install some dependency of DirectAdmin through yum

Quote:1. yum install gcc
2. yum install g++
3. yum install openssl-devel
4. yum install flex
5. yum install gcc-c++


1. Lets download Directadmin file in our VPS/Dedicated server by running comm