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How to Secure DNS Server
To secure your dns server all you need to do is just add the following lines to your /etc/named.conf file.

1. First you should know the 2 Ips of your dns server. Just open /etc/nameserverips and there you will get the 2 dns ips.

tail /etc/nameserverips

2. Open /etc/named.conf

Look for options { line and above it add these lines

acl “trusted” {

where x and y are your 2 dns ips in step (1).

3. Look for line

// query-source a
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How to Configure DNS Server On WebSitePanel
Referring to: How to Install SmarterMail and Configure Windows Firewall on WebSitePanel

Step 6: Setting Up DNS

While WebsitePanel allows you to manage DNS for each domain hosted on your server, you’ll still need to set up your primary and secondary name servers within Windows DNS (this article assumes, of course, that you are going to use Windows DNS on the box, and not a third-party DNS service, etc.).

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