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How to virus scan FTP uploads
To help protect your server, you may want to scan your users FTP uploads. Here is a great way of doing this, if you are using Pure-FTP and ClamAV. Pure-FTP has an option to run a file after an upload, called the pure-uploadscript. What you do, is tie the virus scanner into this script, so that when a file gets uploaded, it will get scanned. As long as you have your virus scanner up to date, this will pick up most of the main stream virii, as well as the dreaded php shell scripts.

Here is
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Red Hat / CentOS VSFTPD FTP Server Configuration
Vsftpd (Very Secure FTP Daemon) is an FTP server for UNIX-like systems, including CentOS / RHEL / Fedora and other Linux distributions. It supports IPv6, SSL, locking users to their home directories and many other advanced features.

In this guide you will learn:

Setup vsftpd to Provide FTP Service.
Configure vsftpd.
Configure Firewalls to Protect the FTP Server.
Configure vsftpd with SSL/TLS.
Setup vsftpd as Download Only Anonymous Internet Server.
Setup vsftpd
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How to configure FTP, Mail, Analytic Servers on WebSitePanel
Refer to How to Configure DNS Server On WebSitePanel

Step 7: Configuring WebsitePanel

Now that we've installed WebsitePanel, Stats, Mail, and set up your initial DNS, it’s now time to configure each of your services within WebSitePanel.

1. Log into the WebsitePanel portal, which can be accessed by visiting the IP address you used when setting up WebsitePanel in chapter 2, via port 9001. For example: [code]http://