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IMPORTANT: do not ignore this email: The hostname resolves to . It should resolve to
A newly setup cPanel system may have a message such as the following show the first time that you login to WHM.

IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email.
The hostname (hostname.server.com) resolves to . It should resolve to xx.xx.xx.xx. Please be sure to correct /etc/hosts as well as the 'A' entry in zone file for the domain.

Some are all of these problems can be caused by
/etc/resolv.conf being setup incorrectly. Please check this file if you
believe everything else is correct.

You may
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Important tips to create a strong password
Following are some tips to create a good password that you can remember and most importantly no one can guess it easily

1] One of the most popular technique is to use some special dates and combine it with your password.

2] You can generate a password by converting characters to numbers, special characters as well

Some important points while generating/using a password -

1] Password must be at least 14 characters or long with complexity.
2] Add numbers to increase its length.
3] St
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The Important of Search Engine Optimization and URLs
If you have been researching search engine optimization for some time now, then you have probably come to the realization that the domain name of a website can be crucial to it’s search engine ranking. In fact, it is possible to bring a site to the very top of the search engine for a specific keyword based on the name alone. If you can manage to register a domain name that is an exact match to a popular keyword, then you can start seeing an instant flow of traffic with nearly no additional effo
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Important About the Forum
Hello All,

Here i will be adding threads related to CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 commands from sratch. So that a beginer can have overal idea about Linux & its usage in simulation/real world.