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Update Cent OS kernel with YUM !
It is very easy , you must just follow this instructions:

1. Find your yum.conf file:
# find yum.conf

2. Verify your yum.conf file:
# nano /etc/yum.conf
“Exclude” line should be something like this:
exclude=courier* apache* mod_ssl* httpd* perl mysql* php* spamassassin* exim*
Note:kernel* should not be excluded on “exclude” line

3. Upgrade kernel using:
- If you have 1 proc:
# yum upgrade kernel
- For dual proc use:
# yum upgrade kernel-smp

When upgrade is complete,
Set “de
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Linux Kernel /etc/sysctl.conf Security Hardening
How do I set advanced security options of the TCP/IP stack and virtual memory to improve security and performance of my system? How do I configure Linux kernel to prevent certain kinds of attacks using /etc/sysctl.conf? How do I set Linux kernel parameters?

sysctl is an interface that allows you to make changes to a running Linux kernel. With /etc/sysctl.conf you can configure various Linux networking and system settings such as:

Limit network-transmitted configuration for IPv4
Limit n