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Easy way to install Memcached and memcache in a cPanel server
In website hosting industry, speed is one of the most important factor that we prefer. The website speed depends upon many factors. Ofcourse, the speed of the website depends upon the plugins or other third party application installed with it. Other than the plugins, it mainly depends upon the server performance. Server can be tuned according to our requirement. Enabling caching is one of the factor that includes in optimizing a webserver. Caching technology is a main paramter. Memcache is a pop
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Install memcached And libmemcached
Step 1 – Install memcached from source.
Download the latest source from : http://memcached.org/


apt-get install libevent-dev


yum install libevent-devel 

Lets download and install it:

wget http://memcached.org/latest
tar -zxvf memcached-1.x.x.tar.gz
cd memcached-1.x.x
./configure -–with-libevent && make && make test && make install

Please ensure libevent & libevent-devel packages have been inst