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Hosting Websites without any control panel on your VPS /DEDI
Managing an Unmanaged V.P.S/ Dedi

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hey guys. in the below tutorial we will be installing all the things which are needed to run a typical website.
we will be using Debian Lenny , as the operating system, and will be installing and configuring the required packages , so that you can host Multiple websites on your Server.

In this guide, I assume that you have basic knowledge on how to login to your VPS/ Dedi as root user . ( if you don
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How to Install Plesk Control Panel on Linux by UltratechHost
Dear Valuable Visitor,

Here we will say you how to install Plesk Control Panel in simple manner without any headache.

Step 1: Getting OS Name with Version and Architecture run the command as
uname -i
The Above command will show you OS bit version in bellow manner

For 32Bit OS Output will be

For 64Bit OS Output will be

Now for getting OS Name and Version of CentOS we need to run the command as
[code]cat /etc/redhat-rel
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Install CentOS Web Panel In CentOS 6 Series
About CentOS Web Panel

There are so many free and paid Control panels available nowadays. We will, today, discuss about CWP, specially designed for RPM based distributions like CentOS, RHEL, Scientific Linux etc. CWP is a free, Open Source control panel that can be widely used for deploying a Web hosting environment easily. Unlike other Control panels, CWP is automatically deploy the LAMP stack with Varnish Cache server.


[align=justify]CWP comes with lot of features and