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8 Steps for Search Engine Optimization
8 Steps for Search Engine Optimization

Why is it so important to optimize your web site for search engine placement? The answer is simple: 82% of online shoppers know exactly what they want when they log onto the internet and ½ of them use search engines to find vendors and solution resources. Most of all the searches end within the first 2 pages of search results. And this is why it is essential to have a prominent presence for the keyword phrases that you are targeting. I break search engin
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Search Engine Optimization and Meta Descriptions
Search engines use web crawlers, also known as bots to index the web with maximum speed and efficiency, cataloging every web page they come across. As the bot scans a web page it collects HTML code from the source of the page, updating the search engine database with information pulled from this code. Certain parts of the code hold precedence over others, and some of the segments within the code can have a substantial impact on the search engine ranking of that page for a particular keyword.

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The Important of Search Engine Optimization and URLs
If you have been researching search engine optimization for some time now, then you have probably come to the realization that the domain name of a website can be crucial to it’s search engine ranking. In fact, it is possible to bring a site to the very top of the search engine for a specific keyword based on the name alone. If you can manage to register a domain name that is an exact match to a popular keyword, then you can start seeing an instant flow of traffic with nearly no additional effo
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Search Marketing Bootcamp: Robots.txt File
Robots.txt files are often mentioned as being an important foundation of a search friendly web site. To site owners and small businesses who are new to search marketing, the robots.txt file can sound daunting. In reality, it's one of the fastest, simplest ways to make your site just a little more search engine friendly.

(SEG Bootcamp articles are no-frills content designed to bring small business owners up to speed on the concepts and techniques needed to market their businesses online.)

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Search Engine Optimization - SEO Tutorial
Search Engine Optimization - What & Why?

We are living in the age of Google now. For anything and everything, people tend to do a Google Search. While in need for services and solutions for business challenges, people do a quick search to get what they want. Businesses that appear top on web search could reap huge revenue and profits.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) deals with the technique of writing/organizing web content in such a way that your web pages appear top on web search
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Some Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Here are some Search Engine Optimization advices for beginners i can say.

First of all i am in this field for over 3 years. I can say that i don't like the time spent and that's why i hired someone. But before that here is what i have manage to learn:

1. Link Directories - Good only for Page Ranking (google case)
Example: I paid about 300$ for links on many directories, on PR3-5 pages. All good. When google crawled some of them the Page Ranking went to 1 or 2.
Conclusion - Don't waist y