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Setup Basic POP3/IMAP Mail Server in Centos/RedhatLinux
Setup Basic POP3/IMAP Mail Server in Centos/RHEL

Setting up a mail server can be quite initimidating if you are linux beginner. I am posting here my simple and most basic mail server experiment which i conducted with my VPS server so that my documentation could be helpful for those who want to setup a pop3 or imap mail server..
What you Need

- Linux Server with Centos 4/5 (VPS or Dedicated)
- Apache 2 with PHP4 or later
- Postfix (SMTP server or MTA)
- Dovecot ( IMAP/POP3 server)
- Sq
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Setup/Create your own/private nameservers in cPanel
This guide will show you the ropes in how to setup cpanel nameservers and configure them properly so you can run ns1 and ns2.yoursite.com. Once your nameservers are setup clients can then use your own private nameservers for their domains.

1. Regiser your domain

Register the domain name you would like to use, you can register a domain here if you need one.This domain will be used as your nameservers - eg ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com

2. A
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How to change Debian networking setup/IPof a server
Under Debian networking is pretty comparable to other distributions of GNU/Linux, especially in areas such as DNS setup. However if you're new to the distribution you might not know where things are set. This brief introduction to networking will show you how it works.

Most likely there are only four things you will care about:

* Setting up your hostname
* Setting up DNS.
* Setting up your IP address.
* Setting your default gateway.

Setting your hostname

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How do I setup round robin DNS?

Round robin DNS is a technique in which load balancing is performed by a DNS server instead of a strictly dedicated machine. A DNS record has more than one value IP address.

When a request is made to the DNS server which serves this record, the answer it gives alternates for each request. For instance, if you had a three webserver that you wished to distribute requests between, you could setup your DNS zone.

Lets say you have two servers having name server1 and server2 where server1
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How to setup Software RAID 1 and RAID 5 on Windows Platform
How to Setup Software RAID?

RAID is a technology that allows a volume (partition) uses together the space on the multiple disks, in this way, disk's utilization and system performance can be improved. There are a variety of different types and implementations of RAID, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In the IT world, hardware failure does not occur often, but in the event, you run the server may lose large amounts of data and important information. How to protect server
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How to setup Hosting account using WebsitePanel
Refer to How to configure FTP, Mail, Analytic Servers on WebSitePanel

Step 8: Hosting Setup in WebsitePanel

Now that WebsitePanel is configured to work with the services installed on your server, it’s time to create plans and customer accounts so that you can start providing hosting services to your own clientele.

Creating Hosting Plans

1. Log into the WebsitePanel portal with the “serveradmin” userna