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The Importance of Anchor Text in Backlinks
Every website owner knows the importance of linkbuilding when it comes to making their site successful, but most are unaware of just how much of an artform it really is. In the quest to build a substantial amount of links many people resort to link spamming, and other practices which are a literal waste of time and money. The problem with link spamming is that it does not look natural in all-seeing eyes of the search engine, because they appear online too quickly and they are usually directed to
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The Importance of Anchor Text in SEO
Anchor text is one of the most fundamental yet misunderstood aspects of search engine optimization, in that most people view it as a way to simply improve the appearance of their links. While anchor texts do shorten your links and make them look more attractive, they also serve an even deeper purpose for search engine optimization. An anchor text is a piece of text that is used to describe a link. Thus, instead of distributing a long and unattractive text link that contains an entire URL, you ca