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Important tips to create a strong password
Following are some tips to create a good password that you can remember and most importantly no one can guess it easily

1] One of the most popular technique is to use some special dates and combine it with your password.

2] You can generate a password by converting characters to numbers, special characters as well

Some important points while generating/using a password -

1] Password must be at least 14 characters or long with complexity.
2] Add numbers to increase its length.
3] St
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21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques
Small businesses are growing more aware of the need to understand and implement at least the basics of search engine optimization. But if you read a variety of small businesses blogs and Web sites, you’ll quickly see that there’s a lot of uncertainty over what makes up “the basics.” Without access to high-level consulting and without a lot of experience knowing what SEO resources can be trusted, there’s also a lot of misinformation about SEO strategies and tactics.

This article is the second