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How to restore a domain from Web Host Manager - WHM
One need to perform below mentioned steps to restore a domain from available backup:

1) Login into WHM – Web Host Manager
2) Click on restore backups from backup menu.
3) Select type of backup like daily, weekly or monthly to restore the domain.
4) Select a user to restore the domain.
5) Check the checkbox against the require actions:

* Recreate Account
* Give IP Address (only if recreating)
* Restore Sub-domain Entries
* Restore Mail Config
* Restore MySQL DBs

6) Click on start
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The Relationship Between Web Hosting and SEO Results
Practicing effective search engine optimization involves many factors, and just when you think you understand it all you find out that there is so much more to learn. Every aspect of your website needs to be considered when optimizing your site for targeted traffic from the search engines. This means you’ll even need to consider the kind of web hosting you use. The reliability of a web host is perhaps one of the most importation attributes in the industry. If your web host is not efficient at ke
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10 SEO Techniques All Top Web Sites Should Use
SEO is such a hot topic these days. How do you get your web site within the first page or two of the search engines? How do you increase your Google page rank?

There are companies who dedicate themselves full time to doing SEO at a pretty penny. Something a lot of people can’t necessarily afford to pay for or spend the time on.

However, there are some simple things you can do when building your site that will help increase your chances of having good results. In no particular order, below
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Nginx Web Server Commands
Q. How do I start / stop / restart Nginx webserver under FreeBSD operating systems? How do I test Nginx web server config file syntax before restarting my server?

Update /etc/rc.conf

All you have to do is add following line to your /etc/rc.conf file:

nano /etc/rc.conf
Once added use the following command to control nginx web server. You must be root user to control nginx.

Start Nginx Web Server Command

[code]/usr/local/etc/rc.d/nginx start[/code
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How to install Nginx web server in Cpanel Apache
1. In order to get the cPanel server ready for nginx – you must first install an apache module called mod_rpaf

Login as root:
# cd /usr/local/src
# wget http://stderr.net/apache/rpaf/download/mod_rpaf-0.6.tar.gz
# tar xvzf mod_rpaf-0.6.tar.gz
# cd mod_rpaf-0.6
# /usr/local/apache/bin/apxs -i -c -n mod_rpaf-2.0.so mod_rpaf-2.0.c

2. Doing so will install the module into the Apache module directory.

Then Go to your Web Host Manager (WHM) follow the tree here:
Main >> Se
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Install CentOS Web Panel In CentOS 6 Series
About CentOS Web Panel

There are so many free and paid Control panels available nowadays. We will, today, discuss about CWP, specially designed for RPM based distributions like CentOS, RHEL, Scientific Linux etc. CWP is a free, Open Source control panel that can be widely used for deploying a Web hosting environment easily. Unlike other Control panels, CWP is automatically deploy the LAMP stack with Varnish Cache server.


[align=justify]CWP comes with lot of features and