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What are the different methods to login to WHM
You can login to the WHM using any of the following URLs, followed by a username/password authentication

The username is 'root' for the server administrator.

* http://yourserverIPaddress/whm
* http://yourserverIPaddress:2086
* http://yourservername(or_yourdomain_name)/whm
* http://yourservername(or_yourdomain_name):2086

You can also use SSL(https) to login to WHM

* https://yourserverIPaddress:2087
* https://yourservername(or_yourdomain_name):2087

Note: domain name can be a
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What are Auto-responders and how to set up one on your cPanel
Autoresponders are e-mail messages that are sent automatically when an e-mail arrives for a specific e-mail account. Autoresponders are most commonly used for an "Out of Office" style message to inform your correspondents that you are not available, without you having to reply manually. You can have more than one autoresponder on one account. You can use plain text or include HTML code in the autoresponder, and choose from a wide variety of character sets.

To add an autorespo